Ten Thousand Days

Make A Plan

September 30, 2020

Photo: Daniele Levis Pelusi

Day 2223 – Day 2237

Life just sometimes F’s with your plans.  It’s not like I’m a natural at planning, in the first place.  However, I have had to work hard to learn to work with a values-based time management and life goals plan.  Now, when life comes along and drops a bomb in those plans, I get thrown off balance, despite being someone who naturally likes spontaneity.

Last time I wrote, I was deeply disturbed by an assault on some children that I witnessed.  I’ve reached out to people I know in child protection and learned that I basically did all that I could, save for finding a way to report the man to the police for assault.  It is a huge problem that is happening right now for all vulnerable groups who are forced into more restricted isolation with their abusers.  I’ve looked into volunteering with the Child HelpLine in Canada and while there is a backlog of processing volunteers, my interest in children’s human rights and child protection is long standing and isn’t going to go anywhere.  There will come a day when the organization needs more volunteers.  I have offered my services as a researcher, given that I have a Master’s degree specializing in Child Poverty and Children’s Human Rights.  We will see where that goes.  I am patient and I want to find a way to use my skills and experience to better the lives of children.  If it can’t be in Canada, well, remote working means that I can volunteer my research skills just about anywhere.

I’m behind in writing and I’m behind in posting to YouTube.  The thing is that sometimes life throws up curveballs and we look to our values and reprioritize our plan.  This past week, I’ve had to deal with a lot.  Right now, I’m really tired and in need of a good amount of solitude to process it all.  I hope that I get more than a temporary breather in the onslaught of unexpected crises.

Today the sun is shining and it is going to be another scorcher.  This glorious weather seems quite unusual for essentially the first of October, but I do remember kayaking two years ago on thanksgiving, wearing nothing more than a swimsuit and a t-shirt so who knows what kind of autumn we will have.  I would love a sunny but mild autumn as I’ve started walking 1.5 to 2 miles every evening with a friend, and it is nicer to do when it isn’t scorching hot.  Still, I’m grateful for the weather and for my friend who keeps me company.  I’m also grateful that the season of gardening is coming to an end.  I’ve pulled out a lot of plants but my winter squash, kale, collards, leeks and Brussel sprouts will remain.  The kale and collards might even last me right through the winter.  But constant care will be finished soon and I will retreat into the cave that is my painting studio.  I’m itching to paint and I have been for a couple of months, now.

I have decided not to participate in a couple of group shows.  I’m not interested in painting to their specifications.  I’m working on a body of work and I don’t have any interest in painting anything much smaller than 24 inches x 24 inches.  I’d like to start working on very large pieces.  I’m looking forward to these projects this winter and I’m grateful that I have my artwork and creative projects to stimulate me in the long dark winter that will inevitably see increased pandemic restrictions.

There are several videos that I know I need to make.  I’m simply too tired to record them at the moment but I will.  I’m hoping to have a couple posted this week, but you know how to make God laugh, right?

Make a plan.


Photo: Daria Nepriakhina

For what are you most grateful, today?



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