Ten Thousand Days

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 469 – Day 470)

December 3, 2015
Photo by Paula Borowska

Photo by Paula Borowska

Yesterday, I wrote about how tired and forgetful I am and how helpful it was to write in coffee shops.  Alas, when I posted Day 469, the wifi cut out and half of my post disappeared.

As you know, British parliament voted in favour of air strikes in Syria.  While the vote was being taken, I tried to surround parliament in light and did what I do when I am doing a distance healing. I tried to send light, but I felt in my heart the pain of what was to come and I knew that the vote would go as it did.

I was online with my friend CF and he, too was sending light. But he also knew.  Even before the vote was announced, my heart was broken and I was in tears.

I feel the darkening of the world that Sheikh Llwellyn Vaughn Lee has been warning us about for a decade.  It really is becoming difficult to penetrate it with light.  I am grateful that so many of my friends are artists, healers, and mystics.  Even despite the news, I see so many being the light and love in the world and holding their light against the darkness.

I am grateful that I completed my interview questions for an artist and environmentalist out in Paris for COP 21. I hope the piece gives a broader discussion of his work to his followers and engages people.

I am grateful that I made the choice to forego an evening at an Action for Happiness event last night. It would have been a good event, but I needed to rest.  I am glad that I chose to listen to my body and not succumb to what my mind told me would be good for me.  I had a full day of CPD class today and that was exhausting.  And tomorrow I have a challenging shift for a charity.  I need rest.

Joy is hard to come by as Syrians are dying, there is more senseless gun violence in the USA and the world teeters on the edge of environmental disaster.  It seems counter intuitive but I believe that finding moments of joy adds to the light of the world and so it is essential that in dark times, we look for and find those moments.  Tonight I skipped the galleries and took some photos in the rain.  Snapping is a joy.

For me, Oneness was most strongly felt as I tried to penetrate the darkness with healing light, during the vote.  I was not one with parliament, but the Syrian people.  Their pain is overwhelming.  Oneness isn’t all about feeling good.  It is our job to be compassionate and that means feeling others pain. I don’t know anyone who could feel that pain and not want to act.

You may find all this talk of sending light to be magic woo woo.  And, your politics may differ from mine and that is okay.  Whatever one believes, let us never lose compassion for those who will die – or perhaps worse – stand helplessly by and watch their brothers, fathers, children, grandmothers and spouses die.

The political is personal.

Oddly, I chose the tiger photo for the story I was writing and lost, last night, but it is even more fitting for tonight’s post.

One of the books most recommended to me over the years is Yann Martell’s “Life of Pi.”  I suspect it has been recommended to me for several reasons: It is some of the finest contemporary storytelling using magic realism (my type of writing) and has one of the best lists in literature (TCBC), and it involves a protagonist who finds God in everything (my niece’s reasoning).  I will say no more except that it also comes highly recommended by me for a simple reason: it involves a tiger named Richard Parker and an Oddyssey.

There is a tiger inside each of us.  Will we tame that tiger or be consumed by it?

The personal is political.

And so, I turn it over to you….

For what are you grateful, today?





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