Ten Thousand Days

Gratitude, Joy, Oneness and Service (Day 465)

November 29, 2015
photo by Kazuend

photo by Kazuend

In the week following the Paris attacks, my mind went into a retreat and I recounted about 8 days in my numbering and so without fanfare (save for the image above), we hit 1 year and 100 days of gratitude.

I think it is fitting that another 100 days is marked without much fanfare.  I have struggled these 100 days.  I have struggled physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This past 100 days has been hard.

I said in a previous post, being in the now is best and yet I hear my friend, NW, telling me to mark the milestone as it will encourage others.  And so, in case it does, let’s celebrate another 100 days together.

As I write that, I wonder how many times we stop to do that.  I know this Thanksgiving, I was grateful for another year with my family, particularly when we consider how close to death some of us have come this year.  But how often do we really stop and appreciate another day with our loved ones? I would like to think that if you have started your gratitude journal, you are doing it more frequently than annually.

So, rather than fireworks and cake….oh okay, a little cake and some sparklers (because that’s fun every day), I am grateful for and celebrate you – both those of you who actually have been coming here to read the Ten Thousand Days Journal and all the other articles – and those of you who don’t read, but for whom I also write.

I wrote yesterday about how much presence there was in a particular person’s absence in my dreams.  There is a presence in his absence from my life, as well.  I knew him only casually and for only a short time.  And yet his presence lingers like perfume on a jacket and it impacts my thinking and my perception in many ways.  I am grateful he passed through my life.  I recall this example because we all impact on one another in ways we cannot imagine.  It might sometimes freak us out to know how deeply we have touched another human being because we are so used to NOT touching one another in our commute and our office relationships.  A fair cross section of society has also forgotten how to touch their most intimate loved ones, and dare I say…have lost touch with themselves.

I have been one of those people.  I do not want to go back to that life.  And so, I am grateful also for this journey which brings me back again and again to open hearted encounters with friends and with family.

A part of that journey is keeping this gratitude journal. And so, yes, we have come around to it again.  I guess I really am grateful for having built the habit and stuck to charting my journey for another 100 days.

Last night I walked along the South bank of the Thames river and the Christmas markets are out.  I love the twinkly lights. I always love twinkly lights.  What struck me last night was the brightly coloured carousel with horses and carriages.  I watched with joy as the children ride round and remembered how much fun it was to ride them as a child.

Although I did not have a dream again about my friend, I spent over an hour in an energy session for his benefit.  I called upon the help of a mystic and Sufi spiritual teacher who teaches about Oneness and with whom I had never done healing before.  It was incredibly powerful and I felt myself changed by it as well. For that hour, on a spiritual plane, the three of us had work to do, together.  I know that sounds crazy, but mystics always sound crazy.

And of course, again, my service was the hour of sending healing energy and light.


I turn it over to you, this weekend, when gratefulness is all over the media to mark the Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA:


For what are you most grateful?



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